We also redecorate!

You must have noticed – it’s not simply that Suthor has become more colourful. Our logo has changed too.

But it’s not just about external appearances for us – we’ve also honed our inner Suthor values, some of which you are already familiar with. With immediate effect, our production is fully CO2 neutral. 

The raw materials we use are also 100% recyclable – both for the benefit of our environment and also to add to your key selling points when pitching to your customers. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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Traditional background, forward-looking. And today this means: environmentally conscious

As a traditional family company, we have now been the leading manufacturer of party materials and advertising material for decades. We place an emphasis on using 100% recyclable raw materials such as paper, wood and metal. When using plastics, we ensure that they either come from recycled sources or are 100% recyclable. 

 Suthor will develop advertising ideas in collaboration with you, our customer – and these advertising ideas will make both you and your products look great to your customers. You will also be able to tell them about the great feeling that comes from these ideas being sustainably created and implemented.

Holder of multiple certifications and now also completely CO2-neutral

What else is new at Suthor? We have been completely CO2 neutral since 2019. At our site, we produce our own electricity using our photovoltaic roof, we have massively reduced the electricity consumption at our employees’ workstations by switching to LED light technology and we have installed a special (rain) water management system at our Nettetal production location. 

 Not only that, but we also offset the 500 tonnes of CO2 we still generate generated using certificates. Once again, we are one of the pioneers in the advertising material industry in this respect: our manufacturing processes are climate-neutral – TÜV Austria-certified.

From your 7 benefits, we will create 7 genuine ways to add value for your customers

  • We offer advertising materials created from 100% recyclable paper, cardboard or plastic. 
  • We will create them exclusively for you using your ideas, while also offering you an extensive catalogue range. 
  • Production is almost exclusively in-house. Whether you need offset printing, digital printing, book printing, flexographic printing, embossing, gluing, sewing, or packing – we have the skills and the flexibility to meet your individual desires. 
  • We have a large warehouse stock of standard articles such as paper flags, sun visors, pinwheels, lanterns, garlands and country decorations. We can deliver them to you quickly. 
  • We are a completely reliable logistical partner and will deliver direct to your store or to your event – this service also extends to cross-border deliveries. We will take care of any customs logistics. 
  • We view ourselves as a sustainable advertising company because we are CO2 neutral – because we produce our own electricity – because not only do we handle all raw materials responsibly, we only use materials that are 100%. 
  • Offsetting the CO2 does not cost you any extra money and is fully financed by us.

New brand, new claim – new positioning 

You may have noticed already – the Suthor logo has changed. The claim remains the same, but the dynamic arc above the Suthor slogan has created an overall image that is just as dynamic, and frames the Suthor brand in a new way. The leaf structure it represents is for us a living symbol of sustainable business and commerce. 
The logo and the new claim “Sustainable advertisements, celebrations and decorations” create a coherent image that fits perfectly with the repositioning of the company. In our view, we have an obligation to keep the momentum surrounding sustainability going – toward our employees and toward our customers, business partners and suppliers. 

Do you have questions about a product? 

SUTHOR Papierverarbeitung GmbH & Co KG
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41334 Nettetal

Opening Hours 
Monday – Friday: 8am – 4:30pm 

Our contact persons

Quality and service are our motto. That’s why we take time for your request and are happy to advise you on the individual products or on questions that arise during the planning and implementation of your advertising idea. 

 Especially for the planning of individual advertising material, a professional and comprehensive consultation is very important, so that all important points can be considered and possible complications can be excluded in advance. 

 A team of specialists is ready to answer your inquiries so that you will always find a competent contact person. 

 Ask us, we look forward to hearing from you.

Partner in climate protection

Climate-neutral operations management – pragmatic and sustainable. 

Climate-neutral management and production means: All unavoidable CO2 emissions are offset via a recognized climate protection project.